Risk analysis

Duration: 2h

The purpose of the Risk Analysis Module is to impart knowledge and skills to students to conduct evidence-based risk analysis. At the end of the Module, the student will be able to assess risk using science-based approaches, develop appropriate managment options for identified risks, and effectively communicate the risk and appropriate managment options to the public and relevant authorities.

Containment and confinement

Duration: 2h

Containment and confinement measures can be used when the risk assessment identifies risks that must be managed (e.g. when handling pathogens) or when there is uncertainty on safety (e.g. when developing certain products of biotechnology). This module guides users through the selection, implementation and verification of different Risk Management options.

Regulatory Frameworks

Duration: 2h

This module underscores the importance of a functional Regulatory Framework for the safe application of biotechnology. Rather than focussing on dry legal matters, we will show the dynamics and interactions between policy, law and decision-making processes at the international as well as the domestic level.