About this module

Working safely with biological material may require specific measures for limiting the potential impact on staff, society and the environment. A wide of protective measures, including infrastructureequipment and practices can be selected for individual or collective use.

An appropriate choice needs to be based on the results of the Risk Assessment and tailored to the specifics of the biological material, the risks associated with the intended activities and the likely exposure and dispersal routes.

In this Module we will look at some of these options and when they can be useful. We will develop a logical approach to design, establish and monitor such measures, acknowledging that any measure should be cost-effective.

Major focus of the Module and main goals

Anyone exposed to a risk, imminent or potential, should know how to protect themselves, their colleagues, society and the environment. For biological risks we have a range of protective measures that result in containment or confinement.

This Module will introduce you to some of them and we will focus on the type of protection they provide. This will allow you to justify your selection of protective measures for the biological material you are working with and the activities that you are performing. You will also learn how you can ensure that the measures remain effective over time.

Upon completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand containment and confinement measures
  • Be able to design a justified containment or confinement programme, and
  • Understand the process of implementing and managing a containment or confinement programme