ICGEB eLearning Showcase

A portfolio of curriculum-based modules encompassing the biosafety of genetically modified organisms, and related matters in biosecurity, public health, natural resource management, biocontrol and bioremediation.



ICGEB is pleased to be providing modules from the portfolio to the following Associates:

The Initiative


ICGEB Biosafety Group activities principally take place in ICGEB Member States, and focus on directly supporting the establishment of national GMO regulatory frameworks and offices, and assisting the development and execution of essential administrative and technical procedures. Activities include helping the drafting of legislation, regulations and guidance documents to organising fora and bilateral exchanges between novice and experienced GMO regulators so that training and support remains pertinent and state-of-the-art.


Supplementing ICGEB Biosafety Group key activities is the establishment of post-graduate academic programmes available to novice GMO regulators and their technical experts, as well as the development of this portfolio of online biosafety-related eLearning modules available for adoption by Universities and regulatory authorities worldwide. In this way, ICGEB offers a blended learning experience that incorporates new teaching methods and designs for technology-assisted education in the developing world.


The portfolio is delivered online, globally, continuously, at low cost, and on an as-needed basis to multiple audiences. eLearning modules are peer-reviewed and endorsed by eminent biosafety and biotechnology stakeholders.

Featured Modules

The Portfolio offers an interactive learning experience that actively engages users through dynamic videos, interactive tests, exercises with reinforcement feedback and illustrative case studies. The Portfolio is made available to various audiences through a password-protected portal that delivers the course content, administers preliminary and final exams, and provides the administrative infrastructure to register users and track their progress through the modules.

Presented below are the modules currently available in the portfolio. Please click on those that you wish to explore further, and remember, do ask for a trial of any that peak your interest.